Thursday, January 17, 2013

Melbourne, Australia

A little interruption of the Singapore series, we are in Melbourne, Australia! Sadly, I did not have enough time in Melbourne to really explore since I was there for work. Just thought I'd share some pictures with you.

One of the Universities ...beautiful building.

Along the coast on by the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

The Twelve Apostles


A random Arcade we went in ( I learned that Arcade means a sort of shopping center, not where kids go and play in the U.S.)

Wesley Church 


Sorry if there are any vegetarians reading this but this was the Best lobster I've ever had!
If you like seafood you have to come to this restaurant Shark Fin House (The Chinese name is 食為先)

Not the best picture quality towards the end, just instagram-ing, you know how it is.=)

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